Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Dutch Delft in America

Most delft from Colonial American archaeological sites is of English origin, at least after 1660. A recent discovery of several large Dutch punchbowls from the site of Rosewell in Gloucester, Virginia has now provided definitive proof of this material being used in the Chesapeake region in the 1690-1710 period.

An example of a Dutch dish with similar painting to the punchbowl fragments illustrated above.

David Parr Stoneware Site in Richmond, Virginia

Recent archaeological investigation of the David Parr Stoneware site by William and Mary Center for Archaeological Research as prototype study for Center for Southern Ceramic Studies.

Thousands of fragments were recovered in the two-day field operation.  Many important diagnostic examples with capacity marks were collected.

One of the sorting tables in the lab showing examples of jar rims.

Embracing the Past to Cope with the Future

1970 XLCH Sportster
Then Came Bronson without question was my formative TV program in 1969.

Important New Discovery

New Discovery: An extremely rare American molded jug with Eagle motif.  New Jersey or New England, ca. 1840.

Here's Looking at You!

Face Jug, Edgefield, South Carolina, ca. 1860-70.  Alkaline-glazed stoneware. Courtesy of the Chipstone Foundation.

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